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Recently, I purchased a 3 year subscription to Nord VPN, and it is wonderful. Just one problem. While there is a graphical user interface for Windoze, there in only a command line program for Linux. So I coded a GUI program for Linux, and have named it Nord VPN controller. I have tested this on Ubuntu Linux and it works great.

If anyone here wants a copy of my Nord VPN Controller, send me a message, and I will get it to you.

I used to have a Lindows machine but after something like twelve years of faithful service, it finally gave up.
I do have an older HP laptop with a dead screen...the machine itself works well. Maybe I might load some kind of Linux distro on it, but I would want to make sure that all the gizmos on it will work because it really was a feature packed laptop.

It has the usual SD card reader but also has eSATA, AND a cardbus, AND HDMI out. It even has a nifty dock although I've never used it.
Maybe I could try to find the correct connector and a model correct dock for it...I dunno.
I would try to run it "headless" or run it on the second HDMI input on one of my monitors.

Since I am largely ignorant at this point as to how advanced Linux has become, I am laboring under the impression that finding drivers for Linux is still a tedious process.

Are you able to disabuse me of this notion (drivers)?

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