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ubuntu is just another operating system. Ubuntu comes in a pile of different flavors. Some are kinda windows clones. I gave up on windows and moved to linux because I got tired of making Bill richer. here is a link:

its a little more complicated than windows but has some things windows doesn't. If you program it has all the tools you need to have at it and your software can be made to not only run on linux distributions but also windows. there are also some great gui's to assist in the programming if you need such. It will also run alongside of widows.

I am definitely NOT a programmer of any kind, not even remotely.

Programmer? Oh yea. I mostly code in Delphi or Lazarus, which are variants of Object Pascal for Windows or Linux, respectively. I also code in C# and Java (Android only with Java). Now English? That's another story. Actually, I'm bilingual. I'm ignorant in both English and Spanish. LOL.

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