You don't for one minute think JGW is going to read and understand this do you?

The capitalism vs socialism question is moot for the next twelve years or more.

Biden will be generally useless, popular for a while with those who elected him but with no real aims or goals beyond defeating Trump.
The Trump courts will work against him at every turn and the filibuster will get a new lease on life.

If some call them the "do nothing Democrats", just wait til do nothing Biden takes control. If he should beat Trump he will be easily defeated in four years by a Christo-fascist who will once again seize dictatorial power over the nation and hold it for 8 years or more.

Capitalism has won and will continue to deliver what it has always delivered. Filth and pollution, economic destruction and likely the end of civilization as we know it.

We lefties tried to throw Democrats a lifeline but they chose to drown rather than accept help from the "far left".

With luck, Donald Trump will defeat Biden and the US government might get one more chance in 2024 to make actual moves to save the planet and humanity. I'm thinking it's unlikely.

My neighbor is a hard core Trump supporter. He would have voted for Warren or Sanders because the cost of health insurance is eating him alive. He won't vote for Biden. Neither will I.

I might vote for Trump though, in a last ditch effort to destroy the Republican Party and give social democrats one last chance.

We arrived at a fork in the road and chose to go to the right, I think the consequences are going to be unfortunate for the fate of mankind. Anybody want to convince me I'm wrong?

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