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The very word "socialist" has cost Bernie the presidency - just saying............

I know, I guess I just don't understand.........

I think that teachable moments depend upon timing.
We can have all the teachable moments we want about the word "socialism" as soon as we are out from under the jackboot of authoritarian fascist tyranny.

Biden is calling himself a "uniter".
Really? Uniting with WHO? He's on record as saying he might be open to a Republican running mate.
Who? Mitch? Ted? Lindsey? Devin?
He fantasizes about "reaching across the aisle to moderate Republicans in Congress.
Who? The ones who chewed off Obama's arms for eight years in a row?
There are no "moderate Republicans" in Congress.

Instead of reaching across the aisle, Joe better damn well reach across the goddamn ROOM to people in his own party, the people on the Left.
If he does not make an effort to do this and soon, he will lose and lose big.

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