I think you guys are confusing socialism with social services. I find it very odd. You seem determined to socialize the united states. It think the confusion is your constant insistence on "socialism" word and deed. I consider the whole thing a waste of time. The United States will continue to offer social services of one kind or another along with a market economy. That is not going to change at all. The reason, incidentally, that the Scandinavians are more successful at it than we are is that their populace actually trusts their government and their government returns the favor. The United States has an ongoing battle with itself and government. I don't trust my government because it doesn't deserve my trust. We are fighting a war that has lasted almost 20 years and the why of it escapes me and everybody else (costs, last time I looked, 4 billion a month) The FBI, for instance (and as far as I know) continues to troll cell phone waves for EVERYTHING! In the last 5 years we have built an absolutely huge memory sump in, I think, Utah. Nobody knows why. Mysteries and Gov and pals and we are clueless. Our government spends billions 'helping' other countries whilst slaughtering their citizens. Our healthcare is terrifying and responsible for most of our bankruptcies and bankruptcy itself no longer covers debt to Gov or Banks which means, basically, that debt is forever no matter what. I can go on and on about this.

I think THIS is the real question because things are not going to get any better until the relation between gov and citizens is worked out. Our answer actually seems to elect politicians who live off mutual disgust. This is, to my mind, lunacy but we keep on electing these jackasses. We seem to dote on kind of crap. BOTH sides need to calm down, stop the rhetoric, and figure this out before we melt down.