I think you guys are confusing socialism with social services.

No, you are. Progressives want social services and are called socialists for it.

Social democracy is a Democratic capitalist system(like ours) with social programs in place to be sure that no one is left behind. Only Americans even call it socialism. And only Americans confuse it with the Soviet model.

And try as we might we cannot convince you that all we want is social services like other countries have.

I asked you to exlore how it's been done elsewhere but you keep pointing to Russia and plugging your ears. While I point at the Scandinavian model and scream at you.

Don't run off you old fool! Who else would I argue with? And I'm sure if I keep preaching, you will one day see the light.

Were not socialists were social-services-ists. Say that three times fast and see how many votes it gets you.

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