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There are social services and they are not socialism. Socialism is a political thing social is something done by society. I am amazed that somebody has yet to come up with something like "societyist" or somesuch.

Social Democracy is what it's called. Except in America where we hate social services. Here we must link it to something everyone hates so no one will want healthcare, fair wages, and education.

So far it's working and you(JGW) will vote for the guy who wants to send jobs overseas, keep wages low and healthcare unattainable. The guy who wants to make abortion illegal, keep college debt high, and the eternal wars going on forever. The guy who has voted on several occasions to reduce Social Security and cut Medicare. They guy who thinks $7.25 is a fair wage and can't remember which state he's in or which office he's running for.

The Debate: Is America’s future capitalist or socialist?

It is neither. America has no future.

Twenty years from now, when most people from my generation are long dead, Trump will be remembered for what he did to capitalism, AND democracy.
And I guarantee you that the same fearmongering and paranoia will be attached to capitalism thanks to Trump that is currently being attached to socialism thanks to Castro.

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