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Given the national debt, one has to wonder just what any party will be able to do if it costs money. I was concerned when I discovered that our national debt is already more than our annual GDP and, the way its going it may actually, by the end of the end be double that! This is going to mean that its unlikely anybody will buy our bonds until we start to deal with that one. Trump, the self proclaimed "Master of Debt", a 6 time bankrupt, may try and deal with the debt, if re-elected, the Trump way - just not pay the debt. If that happens, the current mess in the market will seem seriously pale to what will happen if that were to happen.

All in all asking how we pay for medicare is the least of the problems. I suspect you will be hearing, pretty soon, another question, "how can we pay for our military?" and "how can we pay for anything but the debt?" and "how can we pay to continue underwriting our agriculture?" or all the rest of it? I know, we have Covid-19 to deal with (and doing a lousy job of that too). So, we can't pay our bills, and can't deal with our own healthcare, how to we keep paying for our wars, and our schools are failing, and, and, and........... WTF!

I suspect its really time for those who would govern to sit down and start figuring out how to survive and then let us know how its gonna be?

Sorry - a bit too negative I think.........

Chunks posted a great video on this earlier today. The solution is to hit the Great Debt Reset Button. It's been a useful tool throughout history.

I had similar thoughts beginning years ago, but didn't have the mental horsepower to assemble any supporting material. My simple thinking on it is that all money, including negative money (debt), is nothing more than agreements. That's why having something like a gold standard isn't the solution to monetary instability - the value is set by agreement, and agreements can change.

Forgive all debt; that would be a major redistribution of wealth and would claw back the inexorable creep flood of dough to a tiny portion of the population.

We just have to agree the problems away (but the rich folks won't like it...)

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.
R. Buckminster Fuller