You realize that modern neoliberal economics can and have been shown to be demonstrably worse than it’s predecessor ? Economic problems disguised as problems stemming from the opposition political faction when in reality both parties are in broad economic consensus.

Neoliberalism has only gotten underway since the 80’s. Libs treat it as though it is unalterable law of nature instead of an imposed economic sham that it has proven itself to be.

I’m not sure about your dog poop comment. Dismissal and contempt seem to be the reactions to criticism of neoliberal practice. If you benefit from Neoliberal economics any alternative is dismissed as ‘rainbows and unicorns’ or pie in the sky thinking, omitting it’s relatively modern existence and it’s destructive effects on citizens and democracy in its short time. Hudson gives good historical context here.

What’s interesting and most telling is Hudson’s (as well as many other economist) detailed observation that you can’t break free of the encircling unproductive debt economy outpacing the productive economy without some kind of mechanism.

Neoliberals answer to that is economic austerity and precarity for the masses.
Democrats thru means testing and levels of worthiness to public goods access, Republicans thru tax breaks and ruthless cutting of public goods.

The results are the same as both factions are captured by the rent seeking classes. You see most at the rant content to argue over the two different faces of the same coin.

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