Debt forgiveness is not confined to being a religious thing. Its been used many times by many cultures.
As youve only offered personal opinions, as opposed to a much more qualified individual to speak on the subject, such as Hudson, what is there to conclude but your not really willing to discuss the topic in honest terms.
The debt crises will happen when other major countries decide we are no longer a reliable partner. When they no longer prefer to hold Dollars as the reserve currency. That shift can happen quite suddenly, as it did with the British pound after the Suez fiasco. All it takes is an attractive alternative. In this case is was the new global warlord, the US. China andd dc Russia may offer an alternative as there has been some noise coming from that direction.

Empires have a wAy if unraveling fast. Debt seems to play a role. A corrupt, unresponsive government withdrawn from the governed always sets the stage.