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I am becoming, more and more, concerned that OUR government is losing the trust of its citizens. If that is true then we are well on our way to destruction.

Funny how Marx always gets it right. Shall we go over this again?

The Aristocracy and the Bourgeoisie team up against the much more numerous Proletariet until a revolt is inevitable.

Eventually even the lumpenproletariat are drawn into the fray and forced to take sides.

Destruction or redemption? It is always the proles who are exploited beyond endurance and forced to revolt, never the bougies. Never have they been taxed beyond endurance, never have they been starved and forced to pay their help too much. Read into that what you will. The center has been in control all our lives. Look around and tell me this is the right way to do things.

Oh and...I trust the government. I depend on them for every breath I take.

Do the proles ever end up getting what they want by violent revolution?
Seems to me the historical record says that they don't, except when that revolution skips the usual violence and moves into organized, focused action.
And that's because the bougies and the aristocrats can't adequately push back against that. They're one-trick ponies, they only know how to answer violence, and they almost enjoy unleashing the clubs, sticks and bullets on the madding throngs, because it justifies their phony boilerplate law and order, and they're able to turn significant portions of the masses against those in revolt by appealing to their fear and speaking to law and order.

Well, hate to say it, but all you revolutionaries...you don't even remotely have your sh!t together enough for organized, focused action.
Most of you are too busy attacking each other.
And even if you weren't, you don't have a focused message, so the only revolution we're likely to see is a replay of 1917 or 1958.
Violence. Blood in the streets, mostly yours.

You won't get what you want. In fact, you'll lose most of what you have still left right now.
The reason the bougies and the aristocrats have done such a bangup job these last forty years is precisely because they organized, and they even used your lefty playbooks against you and organized some more.
Now they've managed to reverse the course of a mighty river of socialism and divert it straight into their own pockets.

If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but I do not see any organization yet.
I don't see any focus. I see infighting and lackluster action at the polls.

And in the end, if you don't have the numbers at the polls, nothing else matters.
Except total collapse.

And you don't have a game plan to deal with that either.

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