Well, hate to say it, but all you revolutionaries...you don't even remotely have your sh!t together enough for organized, focused action.
Most of you are too busy attacking each other.
And even if you weren't, you don't have a focused message, so the only revolution we're likely to see is a replay of 1917 or 1958.
Violence. Blood in the streets, mostly yours.

You won't get what you want.

You don't think the minimum wage will ever rise? You don't think that single payer healthcare will ever become a reality? You don't think that higher education will never be taxpayer subsidised? You don't think we'll ever start to clean up the environment?
We WILL get what we want! Paid sick leave? daycare? As hard as you fight against these things we will keep pushing to make them a reality!

Do you really hate the movement that has brought these things to the forefront so much? you say you like Bernie but you despise his supporters. You seem to hate anyone who calls for change. We seem to offend you terribly as you cling to the past and hope for Obama's houseboy to save the country.

We came close to pulling off an upset this time, we will come closer next time. We will get what we want because the r/evolution will not be denied.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...