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Well, hate to say it, but all you revolutionaries...you don't even remotely have your sh!t together enough for organized, focused action.
Most of you are too busy attacking each other.
And even if you weren't, you don't have a focused message, so the only revolution we're likely to see is a replay of 1917 or 1958.
Violence. Blood in the streets, mostly yours.

You won't get what you want.

You don't think the minimum wage will ever rise? You don't think that single payer healthcare will ever become a reality? You don't think that higher education will never be taxpayer subsidised? You don't think we'll ever start to clean up the environment?

---As the result of a violent and bloody revolution?
Nope, I don't.

I'll bet you any amount of money that a violent and bloody revolution will be put down hastily, using methods most Americans would never dream of. The Right have been ITCHING for the go signal to help.
See FERGUSON, MISSOURI as the test site.

Those MF-ers were Oath Smellers (Keepers) marching around, shooting and threatening people with the blessings of the local PD.

You seem to be having difficulty here, let me help by asking you directly:
How do you see this revolution playing out?
At the polls? Didn't happen!
If it had, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

Alternatives? How do you see it playing out?
In the streets?

You/we/us will be squashed like bugs, all of us will be, even the ones who don't venture out.
And among us lefty gun owners, our homes will be canvassed and we will be forcibly disarmed, possibly the same way law abiding gun owners in NOLA were during Katrina, by unsworn CONTRACTORS, acting "under color of authority"....read: OATH SMELLERS...AGAIN.

You and Chunk seem eager to paint me as the enemy.
I'm not, I'm just painfully aware of the fact that not only don't you have a plan, you don't even understand my questions, so I had to lay them out twice.

You STILL seem to believe that the polls will swing in your favor and you're lashing out at me for telling the truth.
The polls did not swing in your favor, and that means that they didn't swing in MY favor either because I voted the same way you guys did, for Bernie.

Sorry, the truth is, the numbers did not materialize.
So...again...if you have a plan for revolution, let's hear it because so far I hear bupkus.

And you're acting like dickheads because I dared to bring the bad news. Shoot the messenger all you want, it won't change the numbers and it won't change the fact that you guys don't have a Plan B for when the numbers fail.

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