We came close to pulling off an upset this time, we will come closer next time.

But I plan on being dead before that actually happens, and I don't have any kids to benefit from it. We have to make stuff happen NOW, not just get closer to winning. Bernie winning with progressive Democrats in congressional majorities is 100% of the way there, but impossible. Bernie winning with typical Democratic majorities in congress is 80% of the way there. Biden winning with typical Democrats in congressional majorities is 70% of the way. Trump winning would be negative progress.

80% would be nice, but so is 70%. Just look at the risk/reward ratio. It's not worth 10% better if you lose and get nothing. And another 4 yeas of Trump is much worse that nothing.

In particular, if Biden wins and we restore the rule of law then Trump's prison sentence would discourage anyone who comes after him with thoughts of such criminal acts.