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Stuff is happening NOW! Socialist stuff. By the Republican administration. Another Great Depression is upon us! Along with a plague. It is from times like these that the greatest leftist movements are built.

Che Lives!

Thing is, with Republicans at the helm, we won't see New Deal stuff, Bernie stuff. The Republicans aren't the least bit concerned about throwing us some socialist paper towels, or even much more than paper towels, but bear in mind how they view socialism.

To them, if they apply a socialist fix, it's a short hop to authoritarian fascism because all they have to do is rotate the vector to the wealthy after they've tossed us our Bounty Quicker Picker Upper.
Not Che, more like Generalissimo Franco, or worse.

Beware Republicans who diddle with socialism..it's like handing blasting caps to a ten year old with antisocial tendencies.

You know he's going to cram them up the cat's butt.

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