I tend to believe there is a reason for that.

Absolutely. Society has not yet evolved to a point where those things will work. Evolution can't be forced. For most of our history Monarchies were pretty much the rule of order. Most civilized nations these days have some form of democracy. Many have made the shift successfully into social democracy. We are evolving globally towards being a social society.

The United States of America was the start of the trend. Taking the power from "Royalty" and delivering it into the hands of revolutionaries. Those revolutionaries then created a system they thought immune from despotic rule. A fair and equitable system capable of delivering liberty and justice for all.

Of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Technology, computers, and the internet have created instant communication throughout the world. For once in our history we are truly one people. Everybody has to play nice because everyone else knows exactly what's going on. Some countries haven't evolved as far as others. It's easier for smaller countries to pull off but the USA is coming along slowly.

I betcha M4A gets to be a pretty hot issue after this pandemic.

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