This is obviously a Pubic Health crisis: Even Republicans in congress and President Trump have to admit that. Now it's just a matter of figuring out which government is responsible for dealing with it. Trumps keeps on trying to shuffle it off onto Governors so he can aid the butt-kissers and stiff the ones who criticize him. He's still trying to play partisan politics with it, except the two sides aren't Republican versus Democrat, it's Trump worshipers versus Trump atheists.

Public Health has to be a whole world issue, as long as we let people fly all over the place. It especially has to be a federal issue, as people move around the country bringing the virus with them. The response has to be nationwide and uniform. This screams for single-payer. Containment fails badly if you can't track and care for the homeless. The main problem right now is the one man who should be directing this uniform approach fighting that out of sheer incompetence.