Years ago My son and his friend were admiring a tank that the national guard had parked across the alley in a parking lot for citizens to admire and sign up. The two guys had driven it from the national guard place across town. The treads seemed to be heavy rubber. Anyway, the two guys who brought it were spiffy in their uniforms and dealing with admiring high school girls. My son, and his friend, climbed into the tank, turned it on, and started to push and pull things. The tank duly started moving. The kids (I think they were 10 or less at the time) were utterly clueless but happy as clams. The two guys, I was told, just about had heart attacks but they got in and got it stopped.

Neither my wife, nor myself, could bring ourselves to even yell at the boys - we always thought they just did what boys do when given a chance. The police were the ones that called us and asked us to pickup our kids and explained what happened. Nobody got hurt and that was, pretty much where it ended. We also apologized to the national guard guys for our kids getting them into trouble.

I have to idea why I am putting this here but it seems somehow pertinent and I have absolutely no idea why <G>