Earlier this week, actor Ron Perlman got into a Twitter battle with Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and Matt Gaetz.

The feud really took-off on Monday 06/15/20 when Ted Cruz challenged Hell Boy star Ron Perlman to wrestle Jim Jordan. Perlman upped the ante and suggested that he wrestle Ted Cruz instead and Perlman would donate $50K to Black Lives Matter. Ted cucked-out and said Perlman is just a rich Hollywood elite.

The day before on Sunday, Perlman and Matt Gaetz got into a Twitter fight after Perlman blasted the congressman for criticizing the U.S. Soccer board of directors' recent vote to repeal a policy that required players to stand for the national anthem. .

With me so far? Hmm

So today, TH 06/18/20, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) shocked the world when he posted on Twitter a photo with a young man named Nestor, who he identified as his adopted son from Cuba, a day after he got into a heated exchange with Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) at Richmondís suggestion that Republicans do not understand what itís like to worry about having a nonwhite son - ergo the title of this thread: Matt Gaetz pauses feud with Hellboy to invent adult son smile

Let this sink in: 38 year old never married Matt Gaetz is claiming to have a 19 year old adopted Cuban son that nobody ever has heard of - a son who was supposedly adopted at the age of 12 while 31 year old single Matt Gaetz with 16 DUI-convictions is qualified and shows responsibility in adopting a son? Um...no.

Gaetz's Wikipedia page lists Gaetz's dog's name...but nary a mention of a son. Gaetz's sister confirms that the "son" has been in Matt's life for some time.

What adoption agency lets an unmarried 31 year old man with 16 DUIs adopt a 12 year old boy when adoptions of Cuban citizens were not allowed in 2013? In Twitter posts, Matt Gaetz refers to his "son" as a "helper" and "Congressional page."

This whole story smacks for a man-boy relationship that has been going on for some time.

To recap: Ted Cruz (49) challenged Rod Perlman (70) to fight with Jim Jordan (56) for Matt Gaetz's (38) honor and Matt said, I already have someone - a 19 year old "son" that I love. smile

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