Lucky kid! I expect that(although he's an assh*le) Gaetz is a decent and compassionate guy. And that he's not too racist to be dating a brown girl. I get the idea that they lived together for a time and for one reason or another she left the boy behind for a while. A father/son relationship developed and, bob's your uncle, here we are.

Essentially that's how I got my kid. She lived with me for ten years and is no less my daughter for lack of a blood relationship.

Gaetz is well loved by his constituency and if it turned out there was a sexual relationship between the two, they're probably mostly okay with it. I am too. It's odd that you aren't.
He might be queer as a three dollar bill, he might be a boylover. Not everybody can be out of the closet. But his official stance on that is that of his constituency.

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