Statements in order:

The Dems should educate the loons because somebody should and they get the job. Who would you suggest, a religious leader or a member of QANON?

I am not really sure what side you are on so I have no idea who the "other side" is. As far as I can tell you are a side of one? Just can't tell.

I consider that we have two sides, Right and Left. You can quibble it to death but that is reality.

Democrats have spurned candidates that run their mouths spouting stuff that will lose them elections. You are assuming that whatever side you are on is the ONLY side and everybody belongs. That is simply not true and, I suspect, you know it.

Ahhh! a revelation! We are all doomed and don't stand a chance because all big money is against us and we stand no chance. I apologize, I thought you were taking a side, I was wrong, you have no side and we are all doomed.

I have serious questions as to whether the Dems can win the election but I am hoping that they do as the alternative is a place you already seem to be in. I prefer not to be there until Trump wins. THEN I will join your side of hopelessness. I guess its just a matter of degree.