The Dems should educate the loons because somebody should and they get the job.
When you say the Dems, just who are you talking about? Pelosi is the top "Dem" in the land...has she assumed the mantle of top educator of climate science deniers? Chuck Schumer?
I'm pretty sure both of them laughed off the Green New Deal. But that was about addressing climate science and that's an issue that will lose elections...So what "Dems" are responsible for this education? Certainly not AOC because she's one of those mouth spouters on the left that you hate so much....except you believe that you are the "left" because you're a Dem yourself and apparently that makes it YOUR job to educate the climate science deniers. Good luck with that.

We have a two party system. Neither party could be considered left wing because both are controlled by industry, corporations, and billionaires. You don't even begin to lean left until you embrace certain maxims put down by Marx and Engles. Certain truths that became evident in both the French and the Russian revolutions.

Are the Democrats slightly less bougie than the Republicans?

That's a weak maybe. Both parties are stubbornly centrist in their respective platforms. Authoritarianism can go both ways...Castro was a Marxist, a leftist, a revolutionary...and a staunch authoritarian once in power. I truly wish Che had lived to temper Fidel's rule by the fist.

We either learn from history or we repeat it....

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