Some of the move to sustainable power is actually happening by itself: Solar panels and wind are actually the cheapest ways to generate power today! Oil, solar, and wind all get subsidies, but I think if government stopped all subsidies the cost relationship would still be the same.

What we need now is better ways to store the energy, since the sun doesn't shine or the wind blow all the time we want to use energy. I saw a very cool animation of a "battery" that uses a crane to stack big concrete blocks up into towers, and then un-stacks them to get the energy back. It's a gravity battery, like using two reservoirs at different elevations and pumps/generators to move the water.

I would like to be able to store 25 kwh from my solar panels, and feed it back into the grid between 4 pm and 9 pm to get the highest rate from the electric utility. I wonder how much weight I would have to lift on a rail track in my back yard to store that much energy.

Online example says 3360 pounds over a 300 foot fall. So a couple of IBCs full of water would do it. I have those. All I need is the steel rails, the motor/generator, and a long winch cable. Or put a cheap above ground pool at the top of my property and one at the bottom and shuffle water back and forth in PVC pipes. Or maybe I just wait a few years and buy Lithium batteries for a few thousand.