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... any other suggestions?

Prayer for the religious among us and hang on for dear life for the rest.

I suggest medical marijuana, or failing that, some dank vapes.

Does everyone recall the shock...the horror...the disbelief...and the absolute sadness we all felt the last time we gathered for this ritual?

We got some revenge two years ago when we took the house. But it was only a blocking move, there weren't any more shenanigans like the Trump tax cuts, but He has still managed to f*ck up just about everything he's touched.

I have said from the getgo that this assh*le could never get re-elected. I'm going into this evening certain of victory. But I am shocked...

SHOCKED I tell ya!

That I don't feel absolutely sure about this.

The Trump phenomenon is unprecedented.

Good coffee, good weed, and time on my hands...