I think that Biden may actually win. I have never been sure from the getgo and there is absolutely no reason to believe polls (one would think we would learn that lesson by now). I also noticed that the talking heads were talking to a lot of folks that didn't vote. I am for mandatory voting. If somebody doesn't want to vote for anything/anybody on the ballot submit a blank ballot! (but vote!) Australia, I think, was the last to impose mandatory voting and it changed thing. I think we could use a change to and mandatory voting just might do it. Right now the lazy don't vote and have all sorts of excuses. I particularly like the one that goes something like; "Its my right not to vote!". Its also an opportunity to vote for Donald Duck!!

Voting is where we get to tell them that would govern what we think. It has little to do with rights and a lot to do with doing what needs to be done to send a message.