This political realignment sure is a bumpy ride.
Not much headway in the Senate. Regression in the house. The Hamptons look to have their girl in the Oval Office so that group should be happy with this outcome. The left has no political party. Lets face it, it hasnt in decades but the open hostility from the right wing of the party and chasing the suburban republicans has left no doubt.

I wonder if it will be a marriage of convenience with the never Trumpers? If not, where will that leave the liberals down the road? If the stamp of trump on the Republican Party fades and the never Trumpers drift back to their home will the left drift back to the Democrats? Is the radical center right party a lasting coalition? Can they make enough money on the arrangement to make it so.

Lotta questions.

Personally, I find it silly to think that forcing people to vote will somehow allow better outcomes. It smells of authoritarianism and stupidity. Heres two corporate hand picked candidates. VOTE!! Ok, Trump wasnt handpicked but hes the exception that proves the rule (and, no, Putin didnt pick him for you liberal Qanon types).

Hell, both parties are committed to shrinking voter participation. Did Biden even have a voter registration drive as part of his campaign strategy? If he did it was well hidden. Kinda like himself during the campaign.

Might be premature but I think theyll manage to drag Biden over the finish line. Looks like Im loosing money on this one. Unless Trump goes full Iowa. There may be hope yet.

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