McConnell could refuse to confirm Biden's cabinet nominees, but Biden would have scores of good people for each post. McConnell would start to look more and more like an a-hole, trying to sabotage the American government.
What makes you think any of these type Republicans give a flying rats frak how they are perceived???? Just as in 2016, they have the power and they will use it.

Biden could issue as many Executive Orders
You can't govern a country on EO's.

Should you now think that a presumptive Biden could do things the same way as Mr Trump ... well you would be wrong and incorrect. They will in the most hypocritical way condemn and criticize a presumptive pres Biden and you will not even notice their hypocrisy. If you think Republicans are the same kind of animal as Democrats ... well I don't think so

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty