Biden was a nothing will change candidate that some would say was disaster for down ballot races.

That managerial class competency that was supposed to deliver the senate and make such gain in the house is going to be in the White House with Biden? They burned, what was it? 45 million to ditch Mitch that they knew was a scam but harangued their donors to give anyway?

Whatd I read recently. Dems spent over 400 million on half a dozen failed races alone?

Hoo boy...., Libs really drink their own cool aid. Competency indeed

I find it hilarious that Robby Mook was attached to the PAC that was organized to deliver house districts to the Dem column. The guy who had a hand in Iowa Voter suppression, burns a pile of money in the general and will never be held accountable. Same guy who ran that sh!t show of a Clinton campaign in 2016.

Dem competency never self reflects or get held to account. It just deflects their failures onto the left, voters or Russia.

One last nugget.. Republicans are in as strong a position at the state level as ever. Cant wait for redistricting....

Competency...., HAH!

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