Biden is down by 463 votes now in Georgia, with more than 24,500 big city ballots left to count. He's down about 18042 votes in Pennsylvania with about 196,600 mail-in ballots left to count. He's ahead by 11,000 votes in Nevada, with about 180,000 mail-in ballots to count.

If Trump got all the counting stopped right now, Biden would win. But I doubt he can. Nevada says they won't be done with arriving election day post-marked mail-in ballots until the 12th. So I guess it's a race between Georgia and Pennsylvania to see which one crowns Biden the winner.

I think it will be Georgia on Friday. Any predictions, folks?

BTW: Mail-in overseas military ballots probably won't make much difference. Service people do tend to be conservative, but many are offended by "Losers and Suckers". Also, many have residence in Texas or Florida, because those states have no income tax. Their votes won't change Texas' or Florida's Trump win.

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