I don't get it. Why do people continue to link the Mueller investigation into possible criminal collusion between the Trump campaign and russia and the loss of an election? Let me clear that up for you .... there is no connection!!! period

Had the Clinton campaign been stumbling into russians I would have more than hoped the FBI would have investigated. I don't care who would have won!!!!!

The Steele Dossier is "raw intelligence". It was not vetted nor completed or investigated nor was it taken as fact. When someone gives the FBI or any intel group "raw intel" with possible national security interests, they investigate. period.

Mr Trump was blatantly flagrant in his abuse of power. Should Sec Clinton or Pres Obama or Pres Bush done anything remotely similar I would have called for impeachment proceedings. That Republicans are complicit in the destruction of institutions and possibly nascent destruction of our Democracy is beyond my comprehension.

Now should PE Biden do the same thing ... well it's ok with me

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty