I would expect that a new AG will be appointed and then Justice and Intelligence can get together and see if any real crime happened during the reign of the current administration. There has been some which was started but somehow got sidetracked. I expect them involved with that will also be interested as well. Whether the dems get even in the senate or not won't matter with all of this stuff.

There is a general thought, amongst a lot of Dems, that laws were broken and the piper must be paid. Hopefully that will keep their mouths shut unless something is actually found, otherwise just shut-up! The tendencies, right now, are not really helpful.

Oh, I am not basing any of this stuff on personal druthers or political efforts but the simple fact that we remain, inspite of much, to be a nation that is, in theory, a nation of law. I am really tired of the current crop of lies, innuendo, and condemnation of stuff with absolutely no facts. Its REALLY time a new administration takes hold and goes after criminals in the old fashioned way - get the damned facts! Otherwise, again, shut the f*** up!