You may be right! Still, its gonna dump! There is the law on this, however. What goes down goes up and what goes up goes down. That's just the way it is. I have a bigger concern about the dollar than the market. The dollar is backed by our economy and our economy has been steadily dumping for months. There are ways to deal but that's just not gonna happen. Trump is going to remain in power for over two more months. The way its going he is going to make damned sure that Biden inherits disaster. He got two months coming up that we are just going to hate as its got no place to go but down. Hopefully I am wrong but covid, so far, sure as hell is winning that war with all the help the current administration can give it.

The market thing scares me because I keep seeing friends selling at the bottom and getting in again. Most tend to blame that on somebody else. Its kinda painful. The market is going to dump because of Covid-19 By now people are starting to understand that they can be next and they are hiding out. There are also a LOT more homeless as well as those who have lost their houses. The States are starving and big cities are cutting back because they are broke. Again - its gonna dump and its gonna dump bigtime. A great vaccine would really help but that's a ways away I think although the Chinese seem to be proving theirs with a LOT of tested.