On the subject of post-election pardons, I bet Trump doesn't issue any because he feels like everybody betrayed him. Except maybe for Ivanka, and he'll certainly try to pardon himself. But I also bet the Supreme Court says self-pardons are invalid because there is a passage in The Federalist Papers that says no man can be his own judge. A President pardoning himself is essentially self-judgement.

He might have a better chance by resigning and having Pence pardon him, but I think the same logic applies when you try to pardon your own conspirators. Even if they did use succession to pardon each other, it sounds like a successful RICO prosecution could be made.

As for Ivanka, she has the same problem as her dad: Presidential pardons can't touch state crimes, and she has at least an intentional tax evasion charge for getting that $700K consulting fee while she was a salaried employee. Plus they ran that payment through one of her companies to try to conceal it, which is money laundering. Both state crimes. And New York State is not exactly good buddies with either Ivanka or her dad.