There is some interest in having SDNY indict Trump right now for the charges that put Michael Cohen in prison. Cohen's indictment lists "co-conspirator # 1" as being guilty of the same money laundering and campaign finance violations. So the evidence is all available and the statute of limitations has not run out. Plus they were bimbo payoffs while his wife was pregnant, so it has a nice juicy sex-related twist. The indictment would be an easy thing.

What this would get us is a judge saying the OLC memo about not indicting a standing President is nonsense, so all future Presidents would know they are not above the law. The Supreme Court has already told Donald Trump that, but they failed to say the OLC memo was rubbish. It would also likely force a Supreme Court decision about the validity of Presidential self-pardons.

The next President this would apply to would be Biden, so Trumpists should not be all that offended. Of course, Biden would probably never DO anything illegal, but the Trumpists seem to believe he will.