The bank, I think, has already said they are collecting as soon as he is no longer president. New York too is going full speed ahead with their investigation. There is also the problem with all the money he has accepted whilst president. Seems that was also against the law and should be taken away too. Then he is also going to have to submit to having his dna taken in a case brought by one of his female victims and there about 20 more waiting in the wings as well. Then there are also literally hundreds of cases that have to do with debts not paid for services performed. Its all making for a busy court. Then there are the activities of the Trump 'kids' - I suspect they too need to be investigated as well.

As far as the Mueller report is concerned. The part I always found interesting is the fact that Trump was not called on his connection to Russia because ALL THE WITNESSES LIED! Mueller said that, right out loud. Apparently there was nothing Mueller could do about that (which kinda confuses, I think)

If the Dems don't do this they are committing political suicide as most agree that this is simply making sure that we remain a nation of law instead of being nation of loud and little else. We have had, many believe, including me, that we have had a lawless president and now that lawless president gets to pay the price (hopefully). There are many that claim that he will flee to Russia. That too, would be fine with me. Especially if they take his wealth before he leaves.