so far I have only found one case which has a legal standing (an affidavit sworn under oath) alleging fraud. A postal worker alleges the local PM in Erie PA told workers to collect all ballots found after election day and stated we would "backdate" ballots for Nov 3. Local counters found there were 135 ballots sent to counters which were apparently the ones picked up after Nov 3. There is no status on mailing dates but there was a breakdown of votes cast .... 65 Biden .... 60 Trump ... and the rest to 3rd party and write-ins.

It is not clear whether ballots were collected up until and including Nov 6, but I can imagine a PM thinking if ballots are collected on Nov 4, most likely they were mailed on Nov 3 and probably by 8PM. The last mail pickup in many places is 4PM. So he may have actually backdated those ballots, not wishing to disenfranchise late mailing voters.

Should it be found true, Mr Trump would have a net gain of 5 votes .... and I am sure in his mind that is enough to have won the Commonwealth of PA.


This clown fabricated his fantastical story.

Now why couldn't Republican sycophants have vetted this nut???? ....

Listened to the nut attorney Giuliani and I have an idea their strategy is to present cases in state courts then appeal and finally make it to SC where they believe they will win with their conservative hand picked majority .... and if that doesn't work, they will appeal to Republican state legislatures to not certify results and select their own (Trump) list of electors. In either case their intent is to steal an election.

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