What links arent paywalled dont lead to any specific article to support your claim. All Im seeing is a homepage of political advocacy that most of those publications have devolved into.

No articles that Trump has broken laws which will follow him out of office as you argued.

As far as discounting your media sources, I stay deeply skeptical. I look for those who have gotten it right not who confirm my political bias.

Anyhow, all these fantasies of Trump getting prosecuted for his misdeeds is and will be seen as partisan to the far right and leftists. Watching the liberal class rehabilitate a murderous administration of George Bush seems unlikely that holding Trump responsible for his rip offs will happen.

Not that he shouldnt be. Ive argued that point many times instead of perusing DNC and CIA Russian fairy tales. But here we are.

When presidents murder its not breaking the law. When democrats break the law its not breaking the law, etc..

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