Its SO unfair! When he was running all of his advisors told him, honestly, that he was the beloved of the United States of America. EVERYBODY, all Americans, voted for him. He had absolutely nothing to worry about! Now, however, the evil Dems have stolen the race, through corruption, Soviet and Chinese interference, and sneaky ballot counters. SHAME! and, now, when our Dear Leader expresses his unbelief at what the numbers say, he has only one single choice, fight for the rights of those that voted, especially those that voted for Trump, to make absolutely sure that all their ballots are actually counted. Already, we have been told, there have been ballots found in garbage bags, along the highways, hidden in secret post office holding places, etc. Its just terrible.

Oh, facts? Well, maybe not, but only because the enemies of Trump world are very clever and very deep into the dark recesses of the children eating covens of America! SHAME!

I just thought this was necessary to be express this right out loud so that unbelievers are treated, finally, to almost the facts and surely the truth as its known by the True Believers in their pocket reality.