That Michigan county story is a bit more complicated: The two Republican county election canvassers voted in favor of not certifying Detroit's election. One actually said she would certify the (mostly White) suburb vote, but not the (mostly Black) inner city vote. Of course, they had absolutely no evidence of any fraud, other than Trump's twitter ravings. Election officials said they saw no evidence of fraud. (Other than Black People Voting, of course.)

After a bit of public reaction, they decided to certify the entire county election. So the two Democrats and the two Republicans on the county canvassing board did all vote to certify.

Then Trump called them, and they now say they want to change their votes back to not certify. But it's too late. There is no legal channel to decertify. So the process moves on to the state level.

I wonder if this is analogous to Trump's lawyers filing lawsuits they know will fail: They don't want to do anything that might have real repercussions, like losing their license, so they make a faint effort for appearances sake.