A House vote on who would be President is by State, each state gets one vote and I believe the Republicans control the majority of state delegations - after taking into account those state delegations that would nullify themselves because they are equally split. Ergo, Trump wins.

Republican Edge in Electoral College Tie Endures

Though published 9 Jan 2020, it is still valid and clearly explains what happens. If President Donald (Coward, Traitor, Misogynist, Demagogue, Criminal, Serial Predator, Adulterer, Draft Dodger, Narcissist, Liar, Thief, Grifter, Incompetent, Bully, Braggart, Loser, etc) Trump* is attempting to force a house vote, he wins. Ah, the hidden benefits of Gerrymandering...

2020 House Election: Party Composition by State


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