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When Biden actually takes over he has a literal mountain of pain to deal with. He has already said he is going to make covid-19 healthcare free, update Obamacare, take care of an environment which was abandoned by Trump. In addition to that one he will also have an unemployment problem with something like 40%+ unemployment (equaling that of the great depression). Now ad in thousands of happy white nationalists, and a covid-19 that is just starting to crest at the highest point we have had so far. Oh, also remember, he will also inherit a nation debt which is two times our current GNP and, apparently, his promises stand a good chance of adding a minimum of 2 trillion to the existing debt.

The real problem is that the aforementioned problems are only about half the real problems and he will be fighting against an established group of almost 50% of the population which believes he stole an election, and isn't worthy of kissing their lord and master's anything! Add in that these loons a quite capable of making it a fight to the death!

The thing that is wrong with the previous is that these are not just Biden problems they are, unfortunately, OUR PROBLEMS TOO!

Yeah, basically role reversal now. Democrats will project on republicans that which they are guilty of over the Trump administration.

Nobodys material conditions will be improved outside the corporate beltways and Republicans will get to redistrict the electoral map. Dems will hippie punch to cover for their venality and wealthy fail son incompetence while republicans deliver identity politics in the form of working class grievances.

Austerity will be a bipartisan project.

The politics of the great boomer battle in the sky will continue as the needles go deeper into the red.

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