Should the House have to determine the presidency, there is a procedure .... and it is not what you think.

Each state will receive one and only one vote. That vote is determined by a majority within each state. Thus if one state had 12 R's and 15 D's, probably the D's will get the one and only one vote. Currently, by my count, there are 26 state delegations which are Republican (and one state split). So if it goes to the House we would have 26 for Mr trump, 23 for VP Biden, and one, no count. Thus Mr trump would remain as occupant of WH.

Rep Mo Brooks from AL said yesterday he would not certify any state counts which he believed were tainted by fraud. He is of course one of the right wing nuts and may represent the thinking of all of the right wing nuts, in both the House and Senate. This may be a factor worth considering, especially since it would appear this may be the Trump campaign strategy i.e. nullify votes to force the House to elect the president.

Just when you thought the nightmare was ending, the boogieman popped up again.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty