Trump is trying to get states to ignore the vote and send a Trump delegate slate to the Electoral College, but he's already failed at that in several states. Republican Secretaries of State are telling him they are going to follow their state's laws and certify for the winner of the election.

How about this for pathetic:

Giuliani Goofed

Giulianiís epic rant in his latest wild news conference about suspicious voting in Michigan was based on a glaring mistake: President Donald Trumpís personal lawyer was complaining about vote counts in Minnesota districts, not in Michigan.

That obliterated Giulianiís claims Thursday of discrepancies in district populations and suspiciously large voter turnouts. The figures mangled overvote percentages by comparing the number of expected district votes in one state to the populations of completely unrelated districts in another state.

I think Trump has used up all the sane lawyers and is now left with Giuliani. Typical DunningĖKruger effect: Trump is not competent enough to identify a competent lawyer. At some point, courts are just going to have to declare him a vexatious litigant or send him for a 90 day psychiatric committment.