I visited a Trump supporting web site, whose owner self described herself as a skeptic. It was abundantly clear she was simply hosting a clearinghouse for every baseless allegation anyone could concoct. I say baseless since all of the ones mentioned have been investigated and found lacking in evidence, despite the fact she solicited "reasonable" allegations of fraud.

It become clear to me Trump supporters have accepted as fact these allegations, and when confronted describe the facts as liberal propaganda.

My conclusion is there are about 70M people in this country who believe PE Biden stole an election, using a global cabal of conspirators, including communists and dead people, election poll workers, polling machine owners, as well as many Republicans and canvassers. This conspiracy is so large it is amazing one of them hasn't dropped a dime on the criminality of it all.

This election will not be over in my lifetime.

ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty