My story was to look at it from all angles over time and realized it was a bogus story that helped in several ways, none of them good, IMO.
Im familiar enough with the Trump families history to see them for what they are and it should be enough for most. Going down spook rabbit hole narratives and coming out the other side as divorced from critical thinking as any QAnon string diagram is now what we have for many on team blue. And now they show contempt at Trumps supporters not believing Bidens election is legitimate (and neither do I but for much different reasons)
Youve committed to the bit. I doubt your coming back anytime soon. Youll be cheering Biden on when they try and move missile systems into the Ukraine, accelerating the nuclear arms race where Obama left off. To the cheers of the intelligence and war contracting community. Sorry, Russiagaters got played in a similar way to Trumps supporters, IMO.

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