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I dont see any chance of a Sanders appointment. In case you havent read the memo, Democrats are the new Republicans now.

Realignment baby!

I wonder what actions regular people can take?

I think were in uncharted waters here, IMO. There's been savage capitalism in the past that had some of the more harshest edges sanded down by the New Deal coalition efforts. I don't think there's any equivalent to forming those coalitions today.

There's never been a more propagandized society than ours currently is. More atomized, etc... Now were in a corporate censorship phase with Liberals leading the way.

I just don't see any of the necessary conditions to form organized pressure on current government capture.

The idea that change thru electoral process is a nonstarter for me. Nothing makes government change without outside pressure and Biden is a refutation of any organizing for reform that we've seen at the grass roots level. I've never seen the ownership class in as strong a position, historically speaking, as they are today.

Some will ally themselves with the bosses. There doing alot of discounting of the problems, IMO. Nothing new.

I don't stop helping but I'm not encouraged with the present situation.

What you got?

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