Trump has not found ENOUGH evidence of election fraud
Let me correct that for ya. He hasn't found any evidence. I keep hoping he will find some so he doesn't look so idiotic, deranged and delusional, but no such luck. I am holding out for Sydney Powell to concoct a more elaborate conspiracy, one more believable ... something like space aliens hated Mr Trump and zapped voting machines

I submit that Russiagate was blown all out of proportion if not a complete fabrication from the start.
It was not a fabrication the Trump campaign mingled with Russians. They had direct contact with Assange, who has contact with Russian agents. A campaign clown got drunk and spilled the beans ... the Russians have the Clinton's emails (so he was told ... by Russians? ... space aliens? .... voices in his head?).

The predication for the investigation is based on the question, with all the Russians in the campaign, does Mr Trump pose a national security threat, especially when told of potential contact with Russian agents? If you can not see the risk, then I am glad you are not in charge of counter espionage.

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