It was not a fabrication the Trump campaign mingled with Russians.
The campaign included a lot of world players in the money game. Russia, China, Azerbaijan, you name it, wherever money could be skimmed and pocketed. In and of itself, not illegal.

Most of the convictions came for lying to the investigators. The only charge against Trump was obstructing the investigation. Buncha Republicans lying to Republicans about Republican stuff.

The predication for the investigation is based on the question, with all the Russians in the campaign, does Mr Trump pose a national security threat, especially when told of potential contact with Russian agents? If you can not see the risk, then I am glad you are not in charge of counter espionage.

American voters were well aware of Donald Trump's storied and troubled past. Of his many wives, sister wives, and daughter wives. Of his many affairs with hookers, his connections to syndicated crime, his fathers crimes and his grandfathers crimes.

They were aware of his connections to Russia, His daughter's connections to China and his cozy relationship Japan. They knew he was a sleazy, dishonest assh*le and a failure as a legitimate businessman.

And in 2016 with a deficit of some 3 Million votes, he was elected President of the United States of America.

If not for the pandemic he would likely have been elected to a second term.

The voters were well aware of everything about Trump.

This was an historical election as far as turnout was concerned with both men receiving record numbers of votes. Biden won, just as I said he would when you said it was too early to call.

70 million Americans said that they didn't think his record showed him to be a security risk.

They wanted four more years and they wanted to elect Ivanka the first woman president after his next term.

You and I, Mr. Porter, we don't understand it.

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