Throwing in some context.

Bidens poll numbers had widest amplitude of any Dem candidate.

Sanders had consistent rise over time of any candidate.

Taking a snapshot at any particular time means nothing in explaining outcomes. March was very chaotic and had distortions.

For me, the giveaway was the Dem party intervening to kneecap the Sanders campaign on Super Tuesday. They were aware of the risk he represented and didnt take comfort in any polls you might reference now. I remember quit well the neoliberal boomer freak out from the blue check juornos and politicos at the time.

Funny enough, there was a poll out recently that claimed 2/3 of Biden voters were voting against Trump and not for Biden. Kinda supports the earlier data that Biden had no strong base and merely represented a protest vote for most.

Fearing Red baiting from republicans In the general is moot. You have no idea how Sanders would have done in the election. Again, crowd size and individual donations would be a better guide here than polling as it exists. Sanders crushed it. Bidens was nonexistent.

But this is all a false frame anyways.

Divining the will of the people by only offering them Coke or Pepsi and then suggesting people only want coke or Pepsi is simply self reenforcing logic. Convenient but misleading.

Trump made a funny joke at the debates that Biden couldnt fill a room if he paid people. It was funny cuz it was true. Who you gunna believe polls or your own lying eyes. Democrats showing the will and ability to rig elections does not help their cause to legitimately claim to govern and I cant blame Trump voters for not believing the results of the election.

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