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Pero, I tolja a while back this election was gonna be 100% about turnout. Both sides knew it and both sides did their damndest to get out and vote or mail in their votes. I was surprised at the number of Trump supporters, and honestly believed the anti-Trump vote would overwhelm them.

The rejection of down ballot Democrats was a surprise too. And not a happy one for me. I thought American voters were ready to spin the wheel to the left. Bernie's early ascension seemed to point to this, so I'm going to chalk the weird election results up to the Trump Kool-Aid.

I basically thought the same. Somewhere along 54-45 Biden with the normal 1% voting third party. In the end though, getting rid of Trump seems to be main reason for Biden's victory. 51-47 isn't bad with a 6 million vote advantage. I really didn't think Trump would or could improve on the 46% he received in 2016. Regardless, it still boils down to independents going overwhelming for Biden, 54-41 in my book is overwhelming.

Not so overwhelming was the down ballot offices. House, the Republicans had 26 open seats, the Democrats 9. No incumbent running in those districts. The GOP at last count received 48.4% of the nationwide popular vote to the Democrats 49.8%. The GOP so far has a net gain of 10 seats, flipping 13 Democratic seats to the Democrats flipping 3 GOP seats. The tally so far is Democrats 222, Republicans 209 with 4 still to be decided. Last election 236 Democrats, 199 Republicans. Of the four remaining, the Democrats are favored in 3, the Republicans in 1. They must be real close, it's taking a real long time to decide. The number of open seats is interesting as they are the easiest to flip. Yet the Democrats failed miserably.

But the Democratic congressional candidates did edge out the Republican congressional candidates in the nationwide popular vote. By a slim 1.4%, vs Biden's 4 point win. The Republican senate candidates won the nationwide popular vote 48.1% to 46.0%. But that only included 33 states, not the whole nation.

So Biden out performed Democratic congressional candidates by 2.6 points. That translate into 4 million votes that Biden received more than the congressional Democratic candidate.

I think this election was no breakwater or breakthrough. It was just a rejection of Trump while at least voting the status quo down ballot. It wasn't an endorsement or a rejection of either major party's ideals, agenda or policies. It was no mandate. It was all about Trump. It wasn't a movement left nor right or toward Sanders policies or a more progressive agenda. If that was true, with 26 open seats for the GOP vs. 9 for the democrats, they surely would have gained 10-15 seats, gained the senate without Georgia as forecasted. The Democrats were supposed to pick up not only Arizona and Colorado, but Maine, North Carolina and Iowa which they lost. Both Georgia races were rated pure tossups. 50-50. If this election was an endorsement of Progressive ideals, they would have picked up state legislatures instead of losing two and picked up a governor or two instead of losing one.

But each of us can look at this election and come to different conclusions. For me, it was just about Trump, no more, no less.

It's high past time that we start electing Americans to congress and the presidency who put America first instead of their political party. For way too long we have been electing Republicans and Democrats who happen to be Americans instead of Americans who happen to be Republicans and Democrats.